Thursday, May 3, 2012

Whitney Farms: Helping your Organic Garden

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As you probably know about me already, I'm a big proponent of eating fresh and healthy foods, and I especially love vegetables. Growing an organic garden is not only good for your health, but great on the wallet as well. I love having a garden in my backyard, especially because I know that I didn't use chemicals on it. I feel that if I'm going to spend the time growing a garden in my backyard, I better make it organic, otherwise I could just get the same produce at the market. Whitney Farms® lets me feel good about what I'm growing in the backyard as healthy and natural, and most importantly, chemical-free. 

Whitney Farms® has a product line that includes natural plant foods and organic soil, and includes nothing artifical and no additives. Plus, it's easy to use and apply to your garden. 

Below is a picture that is similar to what my garden looks like. I like having the garden raised, as it helps to keep unwanted critters out, including my dogs who love to mark their territory around the yard. 

Whitney Farms® products benefit your garden because they include beneficial mocribes good for the soil and the plants themselves. Even the specially-designed plends provide your plants with both micro and macro nutrients which are needed to survive.

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Each year I like to add something new to the garden. Last year it was blackberries, which didn't do too well. I'm using Whitney Farms® on my Tomatoes and lettuce this year and looking forward to enjoying (I haven't exactly planted much yet). 

What are you going to be planting in your garden this year? Do you like to keep an organic garden, or do you use chemical based fertilizers? 

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