Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Royal Wedding: I've Seen It All

Anyone been following all this hoopla about the upcoming Royal Nuptials? Not I... except for the occasional article I see pop up my home page that interests me because it's too funny not to check out.

Yesterday I read about the stamps in New Zealand where Kate and William were detachable. I went searching for some other random items, and the best was this....
That, my friends, is sick. Why would you ever want a picture of someone on your refrigerator? And the Prince and soon to be Princess, nonetheless. At least put a picture of yourself and your significant other on there. 

Okay, I have a question for you. Who is going to order one of these? If you do, please take a picture and show me how it looks with your kitchen decor.



  1. Haha, I know, right! Who in their right mind would ever purchase this. I'm going with the gag gift, right up there with the royal condoms.

  2. i wouldnt but i would like to borrow her ring!

  3. I've not been following Prince Williams upcoming nuptials, but I do remember being enthralled just a wee bit when Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married. I mean, what girl doesn't want to dream about marrying Prince Charming (okay Prince Charles is NOT that). Of course, I'm married to my own Prince Charming. =D Anywho, this refrig is crazy. You know someone will buy it. The question is will anyone be honest enough to admit it to the www? LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm returning the gesture and am your newest follower.

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
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  4. I am so excited. You would think WIll was my own son! Well I did watch his Mother get married. My mother couldn't understand how I was able to get up at 3:00 am to watch a woman get married on TV and when I couldn't haul my teenage arse out of bed to get to school!

    I might get the "ice box"!

    ~ Helen Nutter

    The Nutter Sisters

    *I also saw condoms with their picture on it. I draw the line at that!!


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