Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winner- 250 Die Cut Business Cards

Congratulations to Ruth for winning the 250 Die Cut Business Cards! She won by following Becca's Perspective through Google Friend Connect. Ruth found the blog through one of the Blog Hops I participate in.

Thanks to everyone who entered and for helping me have a successful first giveaway here at Becca's Perspective! Here is to many more giveaways! Congrats again to Ruth!

Website Review: is a great way to find everything you are looking for while shopping online, and very easy as well. Type in what you are searching for and just click shop. While looking for remote controls, I found great prices on the Wii Remote Control and a remote for a television. After having surgery and sitting around and watching a lot of tv, I think we might be ready for a new remote control after all of the channel surfing I did!

When I was ready to search for Headphones, I just typed it in at the top in the white bar that has "Shop for" on the left and the button "Shop" on the right. The first item to show up was the Skullcandy headphones that are so popular these days. I definitely will be returning in the next few weeks when I have more money after my recent trip to Old Navy to stock up for stocking stuffers. I love the fact that this website shows different products within the search. Definitely a benefit of this website and you would use this if you are looking for something that is a little less mainstream.

The last area was in the portable DVD area. My goodness, I cannot believe how much these gadgets have come down in price. Is it that they have come down, or has them at such a great price? I saw a 7 inch portable DVD for 60 bucks. When these first came out, I was young (I'm going to give away my age here if I say too much) and I asked my dad for one of these for Christmas. The way it worked around my house was that Dad was in charge of the "big" gift aka some kind of electronics and it still is this way, and mom is in charge of the other categories, like clothes and random items. These babies were running about 500 bucks. Back before the economy was awful, I somehow convinced my dad to purchase one of these things. It was the coolest thing ever. The only problem was, it was so cool, I was afraid to take it anywhere because it was so darn expensive. And my parents were afraid of me leaving it in the car because what if the car was broken in to? They knew how I got with my stuff. I would freak out if someone took it! Anyway..... pretty cool that these gadgets are so inexpensive these days. Makes babysitting your kids pretty cheap. No more babysitter needed to go grocery shopping!

Check out to try another way of shopping online. I think you will like the way they have set up shopping.
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